Mark Your Calendars!

October is rapidly approaching and our beloved Halos have already assured themselves of a playoff spot. The postseason schedule has been announced and it is always intriguing to think of how the matchups may play out. The Angels currently have the best record in the A.L. but the Rays and Red Sox are right behind them. Whichever team ends up with the best record in the AL gets to select which schedule they prefer for the ALDS. The primary difference between the two schedules is that one starts on Wed, Oct 1st and the other starts on Thurs, Oct 2nd. Games 2, 3, 4*, and 5* (*if necessary) are played on the same days in both schedules.

Key Potential Playoff Dates in Anaheim
ALDS (American League Division Series, Best of 5)
Game 1 – Wed, Oct 1st or Thurs Oct 2nd
Game 2 – Fri, Oct 3rd
Game 5* – Wed, Oct 8th (*If Necessary)

ALCS (American League Championship Series, Best of 7)
Game 1 – Fri, Oct 10th
Game 2 – Sat, Oct 11th
Game 6* – Sat, Oct 18th (*If Necessary)
Game 7* – Sun, Oct 19th (*If Necessary)

World Series (AL Champ vs NL Champ, Best of 7)
Game 1 – Wed, Oct 22
Game 2 – Thurs, Oct 23
Game 6* – Wed, Oct 29th (*If Necessary)
Game 7* – Thurs, Oct 30th (*If Necessary)

The ALCS schedule above assumes that the Angels have the best record of the two teams in the ALCS. If Boston or Tampa Bay end up with a better season record than the Angels and play them in the ALCS then games 3, 4, and 5 of the ALCS would be in Anaheim.

It’s going to be a tough road to the World Series. I’m not sure who I’d rather the Angels face in the first round. Boston has eliminated the Angels from 3 different postseasons (86, 04, and 07) but the Angels have owned them this year (8-1 before Manny was traded). Tampa Bay has Joe Maddon who know the Angels system all too well. He may have contributed more to the 2002 Angels Championship team than I realized. The Angels have struggled in Tampa Bay this season (1-5 in Tampa, 2-1 in Anaheim). I think the big key will be for the Angels to lockup home field advantage throughout the playoffs. If they do that, they’ve got a good chance to beat anyone.

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