What Å Week!


What an exciting homestand it was in Anaheim this past week. I was at all of these games except the day game on Wednesday. If they would have had the chance to clinch with the win only (not have to wait for Rangers to lose later) then I would have made an effort to be there.

  • Monday – The Halos clobbered the Yankees and there was a benchclearing brawl.
  • Wednesday – The Angels beat the Yanks and then waited until the Rangers lost and celebrated their clinch of the AL West Division. The earliest it’s been done in the West.
  • Thursday – I was able to hold the flag on the field for the National Anthem and caught a ball during BP that Ichiro hit. A nice souvenir from the game in which Francisco Rodriguez tied the major league saves record.
  • Friday – Mike Napoli hits a two-run walkoff shot in the bottom of the ninth.
  • Saturday – Francisco Rodriguez breaks the all-time single season saves record.
  • Sunday – Chone Figgins hits a walkoff hit to score Sean Rodriguez.


  1. bloggingboutbaseball

    Wow! It seems you’ve had some pretty great Angel experiences! How cool that you and your family got to be on the field holding the flag. I’m a big fan myself. I was at each of the Mariners games during the homestand–and what a homestand it was! My uncle started taking me to games back in 1990 (when I was about 7 years old) and I’ve been hooked ever since. I hope to see you at a game sometime.

  2. 34ryan30

    And did you notice during that brawl on Monday who was out there quicker than anybody from the dugout? John Lackey, as usual, and it ended up costing John a few bucks. John is the guy on the Angels I would LEAST like to anger. He always leads the charge. I am waiting for somebody to go out and try and pay him a visit on the mound someday. We might actually see a baseball brawl with some serious contact!

    Tom D.

  3. 34ryan30

    Hey Rob,

    Great blog! The MLB announced the post season schedule today. Make sure you check it out, and let’s hope we are REAL busy during October!


    Tom D.

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