Phillies Win!


I am so excited that the Phillies spanked the Dodgers in the NLCS. It isn’t a matter of rooting for the other So. Cal team if you are a real Angels fan. UCLA fans don’t root for USC when they are out. Yankees fans don’t root for the Mets when they are out. Any self respecting Angels fan doesn’t root for the Dodgers. In fact, we root against the Dodgers! BEAT L.A! BEAT L.A! and yes Moreno, the Angels aren’t L.A. There is no L.A. in ANAHEIM!

I was lucky enough to attend three games at Citizens Bank Park this season. It is a fantastic ballpark. Great food, great atmosphere, passionate fans, and just an all around good time.

It’s going to be tough to decide who to root for if it is a Tampa Bay-Phillies series. I have lots of Phillies mementos from this season that would increase in value if they won the World Series. Tampa Bay has former Angels Joe Maddon and Troy Percival on the team. They also have been the Cinderella story and it would be great to see them win. Either way, it would be the complete opposite of my nightmare World Series matchup of the Dodgers and Red Sox. I hate them both and don’t know who I would want to win. I guess it would be like electing the president, the lesser of two evils.


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