RIP Rory Markas

Rory Markas, an Angels radio broadcaster when the Angels won the 2002 World Series has passed away. He was 54 years old. He had just been promoted to the television broadcast booth this offseason.

Rory’s famous call of the last out of the 2002 World Series: “Here’s the pitch to Lofton. Fly ball centerfield. Erstad says he’s got it. Erstad makes the catch. The Anaheim Angels are the champions of baseball”. The audio clip of this was immortalized in the Angels Talking Bottle Opener.

I’ve seen Rory interact with fans many times over the years and he was always a class act. It was very obvious how thankful he was to be in the position that he was. He was a great talent and will truly be missed.

I imagine that the Angels will probably wear a patch on their uniforms to commemorate Rory this upcoming season. Below is a design I put together that I think would be a fitting tribute. I added a little extra glow around the Halo. I think the patch should be rectangular to differentiate it from the diamond patch for Preston Gomez and the circular patch for Nick Adenhart that were worn on the 2009 Angels uniforms.


Best Value from Franchise in Professional Sports

ESPN Magazine annually ranks the best franchises in all of the major sports (NBA, NHL, NFL, and MLB). This Friday the issue will be coming out that ranks the Angels as the number one value in all of the professional sports. The Angels have been in the top 10 the last four years. Last year they ranked in number 6 and were outranked by the Anaheim Ducks who came in at number 5.


First Two Games

Last night was the home opener at Angel Stadium. I was fortunate enough to take part in the on-field flag presentation during the National Anthem. I’ve done it about five times now and this was the first time that there was a flyover. I was at the bottom center of the flag and the planes flew right above us. It was very impressive. I lucked out and got a baseball from batting practice as well.


The game was great and Joe Saunders shut the team down. The relief corp did a great job as well keeping the A’s shutout. My friend mentioned what happened to that great hitting A’s team that we heard about. Unfortunately my answer was a bit prophetic. I told him wait until they face Moseley tomorrow. They had nine hits and three runs in six innings against him and the bullpen gave up the rest.

Tonight was Angels Hall of Fame blanket giveaway at the stadium. When I first arrived I noticed an Angel Legend standing by the Angels Wall of Fame. It was Jim Fregosi and I waited until he finished a cigarette to approach him and ask for an autograph. I had him sign my blanket and a baseball.


We had seats in the last row of the Upper View. They were probably the worst seats I’ve ever sat in at Angel Stadium. We were given the tickets for my son’s class. It’s quite a different perspective to in that area. The view of the game is not bad actually but I really don’t like being that high up in general. Unfortunately the Angels were comparable to the seats on this evening. The thing that really stood out from the game to me was Juan Rivera leaving five runners on base in his first two at-bats (bases loaded and runners at second and third). There was some drizzle tonight but luckily our bad seats were covered.


Let the Games Begin

Tomorrow is opening day at Angel Stadium. I’m taking the day off work and will actually be watching the Ducks practice at the Honda Center in the morning and then make my way over to the Stadium. I am going to be holding the flag on the field during the National Anthem. It is always an honor to be a part of that.

Last night I attended the Padres-Angels preseason game. It was a good game but Brian Fuentes isn’t looking too spectacular. Angel fans have come to expect a lot out of their closer. We’ve been spoiled with Troy Percival and Francisco Rodriguez. Fuentes had pretty bad spring numbers and last night was the first time I’ve seen him pitch as an Angel in person.


Before the game I went to the stadium to see if I could get a couple of autographs from some 2002 World Series Champion members. I got Bud Black to sign his game-used 2003 ANAHEIM road jersey and David Eckstein signed his game-used Angels helmet and a game-used Anaheim Angels bat of his. I gave my iPhone to a guy to take a pic of Eckstein with me and the guy pushed the wrong button!

It was great to be back at the ballpark and I can’t wait for the season to begin. I’ll be at Angels games Mon, Tues, Wed, and Thurs. Thursday should be quite special with the Halos inducting Brian Downing and Chuck Finley into the Angels Hall of Fame.


Sports Illustrated broke the news today that Alex Rodriguez tested positive for steroids in 2003. It should be interesting to see how A-ROID handles this. It’s been well documented that he has been in therapy already.

Below is a photo from Ring Night in 2003 when the Anaheim Angels received their 2002 World Series Championship rings. The photo is of myself with my son and daughter. My son is helping me hold up the “They’ve got A-Rod” sign and my daughter is holding up the “We’ve got A Ring” sign. This is the year that A-ROID tested positive for steroids but it wasn’t revealed until now. The funny thing is he still hasn’t won a championship ring.