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Mr. Angel

Today I was able to attend a luncheon at the O.C. Register with Tim Salmon. Tim hosts a luncheon for the sponsors of his golf tournament and the directors of the charities that are involved. The O.C. Register is one of the sponsors and hosted the event. They had a table for Register Insiders. Tim spoke, held a Q&A, and then signed autographs/posed for photos. Below is a photo of Tim and I at the event.


Tim provided us all signed copies of his new book “Always an Angel: Playing the Game with Fire and Faith”. He spoke about what he has been up to lately. He’s been coaching his kids in sports and he went back to college to finish up his degree. He also discussed the process of writing the book. The version of the book that we received is the revised version. He wasn’t happy with the initial release. He said there were too many typographical errors that were missed in the editing process.

Tim said that he will finally be playing in his first all-star game this year. He’ll be participating in the Celebrity Softball game during the All-Star festivities at Angel Stadium. He said he is quite nervous because he participated in the Pepsi Softball Charity game held during the offseason years back. It was quite difficult for him to wait on the ball and according to him it was like the cartoons where they swing 3 times and they’re out before the ball even gets there. That being said he is still looking forward to the event.

I asked him if he found it odd to see Garret Anderson in a Dodgers uniform. He said last year is when it was really odd to see Garret in another teams uniform for the first time. He said that it was a very interesting offseason and that a lot of the older players couldn’t really make the money they were seeking. Garret was looking to play full-time still or he may have been able to land the same role he did as an Angel instead of being a Dodger.

It was a great event and I got several things signed for my collection. At least the Salmon event was something positive going on that was Angels related today as the Halos themselves lost their seventh consecutive game. Hopefully things turn around quickly or the only thing we’ll have to look forward to in Anaheim this year is the All-Star Game.